Introducing Klipstik™! Tired of digging for your lipstick in your purse or bag? Never dig again!

Klip on your purse, backpack, belt loop or the zipper of your jacket and always know where to find your lipstick.  Klipstiks are made of stylish designer leathers with several different colors and patterns to choose from. They are made with heavy duty clips that securely attach to your bags or garments and are available with polished brass, silver or black finishes. Klipstiks will tightly hold most lipsticks or lip balm and are hand-made in Texarkana, Texas. They are also affordable for only $22 each.

Ever felt scared and vulnerable walking to or from your car at the grocery store, home, work, classroom or during a night on the town? Do you ever get approached by aggressive dogs while walking, running or riding through the neighborhood? Klipstiks will also hold SABRE® Mighty Discreet pepper spray which provides personal protection that is immediately accessible when needed.

Trusted by law enforcement, SABRE® Mighty Discreet pepper spray is made in Missouri, USA and is sold separately in our retail store for $10 each or online directly from the manufacturer here.

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