Manebangle Custom Shop is Now Open!

If you love Manebangles and want a more unique look, we have exciting news for you. Our Custom Shop is now open and taking orders for personalized Manebangles!

The leather used in Manebangles is available in numerous colors, designs and textures, including options that are not shown on our website. Further design variations and themes are possible by using either same- or contrast-colored stitching. With over 30 stitch colors available, we will do our best to match leather and thread colors that will meet your desired style.

As a way to make Manebangles even more personalized and memorable, some of our leathers can be laser-engraved with names, logos or other custom designs specified by the customer. This is ideal for team colors, slogans and mascots, specialty groups and corporations or for various festivals, charities, events and concerts. They are also great to use as fundraising items to support your cause.

ManeBangle Custom Shop Now Open

Price Information

Custom orders are subject to a minimum of 75 pieces for your first order, with a minimum of 25 pieces for re-orders. Custom orders will also be subject to one-time setup fees consisting of:

  • $50 fee for engraving text only (font chosen by customer)
  • $25 fee to engrave vectorized graphics/logos (provided by customer)
  • $25 fee for Manebangle to vectorize the customer’s graphics/logos to an engraving format

Prices for custom orders will vary based on the chosen leather. Delivery time is 2-3 weeks once a customer approves the image of their custom-designed Manebangle via email and payment is due in full upon orders being commissioned. Large orders (250 pieces or more) will receive bulk pricing discounts.

For more information, or to order custom Manebangles, send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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